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Rules for tourists visiting St. Petersburg


Taking into account the phased removal of restrictive measures in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. The restrictive measures taken earlier in connection with the spread of the coronavirus infection Covid-19 in St. Petersburg are being phased out. Therefore, all tourists traveling to our region please consider the following restrictions.

Petersburg is gradually moving out of restrictive measures related to the coronavirus pandemic. The city is ready to accept tourists from other regions of Russia. You can enter the territory of Saint Petersburg by road, rail and air. No additional permits are required for driving around the region. Transit through Saint Petersburg is also possible. The region offers discounted and free travel tickets on commuter trains and buses.

However, some security measures in the city still remain. In particular, in the Northern capital there is a social distance of at least 1.5 meters in public areas. Citizens and guests of the city must use personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) in public areas including retail outlets, public transport and taxis. This step is valid until August 30, 2020 inclusive.


- shopping centers
- swimming pools and fitness centers
- museums and showrooms
- aquaparks
- tour operators and agencies
- excursion services
- car sharing
- resort organizations
- water routes for vessel traffic
- parks, public gardens and squares
- children’s playgrounds and sports courts
- theaters (the number of spectators is limited, the theater season is closed and will open in autumn in many theaters)
- sports stadiums (the number of spectators is limited
- physical culture and sports organizations
- hairdressing and beauty salons (by appointment)
- photo studios
- repair, maintenance, rental of bicycles and scooters
- temples (following the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor)
- food shops
- restaurants, cafes, canteens, buffets, bars, snack bars
- catering «using outdoor furniture»
- retail trade and service facilities (located in shopping centers, but only in the presence of separate premises and sales areas)
- children's playrooms (in the shopping centers and at catering establishments)
- kindergartens
- registry offices (up to 30 people indoors)
- catering points in gardens, parks and squares

- open-air amusement parks
- open-air sports, cultural and entertainment events

The work of fitting areas of shops is possible under the following conditions:

- heat treatment of clothes after each fitting by visitors
- staggered fitting area occupancy
- the presence of skin antiseptics with a dispenser at the entrance to the fitting area
- providing the employees working in dressing areas with disposable personal protective equipment
- installation of closed-type germicidal lamps in fitting areas
- marking to maintain social distance while waiting in line in the fitting area

The halls of catering establishments (with the exception of food courts) will open with:

- placement of tables, taking into account a distance of at least 1.5 m
- disinfecting the dining tables and all table setting items, including the menu, after each visitor.

Other temporary restrictions are extended until August 30.



- cinemas
- entertainment and leisure facilities in the shopping centers (including cinemas)
- retail trade and provision of services in corridors, atriums, foyers and other common areas of shopping
- food courts

The resumption of the activities of all of the above organizations is possible subject to receiving a unique QR code confirming the readiness to comply with the standard of safe activities.

They must also ensure that citizens use personal protective equipment for the respiratory organs and hands (with the exception of visitors to water parks and physical education and sports organizations, children's playrooms and catering establishments), compliance with the necessary sanitary measures and the distance between citizens of at least 1.5 meters.

The operational headquarters for the control and monitoring of the situation with the coronavirus in St. Petersburg:

Regional headquarters website:


Social networks for the region's coronavirus:


Federal Hotline of the operational headquarters:

8 (800) 200-01-12

Rospotrebnadzor St. Petersburg website:


Unified consultation center of Rospotrebnadzor:

8 (800) 555-49-43

Coronavirus Rospotrebnadzor Hotline in St. Petersburg:

+7 (812) 575-81-03
+7 (812) 712-29-81

Unified reference for St. Petersburg on coronavirus in St. Petersburg

+7 812 246-5-122 or from a mobile phone 122

Ministry of Health of St. Petersburg:




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