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Museum of Bread opens for visitors


Visitors are invited to the exhibition “Leningrad bakers during the Great Patriotic War”, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

On July 9, the Museum of Bread fell into line with the open museums of St. Petersburg. Guests can visit the exhibition “Leningrad bakers during the Great Patriotic War”.

In total, the exhibition covers four main topics:

- “Delivering provisions to the besieged city”;
- “Bread as the main foodstuff for the starving population of Leningrad”;
- “Work of bakeries amidst the Siege”;
- “Daily life of the fighting city”.

The exposition includes documents and installations describing the recipes of blockade bread and its price, as well as propaganda and instruction posters for the citizens about the procedure in cases of bombing and shelling.

A whole set of children’s drawings and toys of the 1940s reflect the world of blockade children’s childhood. Particular attention is paid to the preservation of historic buildings of bread factories that saved the city from starvation.


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