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Konstant in fort opens for visitors


Visitors can enjoy 10.000 square meters of fabulous views and fresh sea air. You can spend the whole day at the Konstantin fort, walking among the batteries and fortifications of the19 the century.

At the moment you can come to the fort by car or using a free shuttle bus from Kronstadt, the press service of the fort reports.

For those who want to enjoy a colorful sunset and stay overnight here, an unusual accommodation is offered - a floating hotel and a wheeled camping hotel. The floating hotel is located on a landing stage, which exterior and interior decoration is styled a sold ships and cabins. The comfortable rooms view the Gulf of Finland and other forts of Kronstadt. There is also a café on the landing stage that offers dishes of Russian and European cuisines and temporarily works as a takeaway.

The unique wheeled camping hotel consists of 22 buses reorganized into hotel rooms equipped with all amenities. Guests can have a barbecue right next to their camping van.

Employees of the fort recommend to visit all the observation platforms of the fort to take photographs using fantastic panoramic views as a background. There are many other attractive places to take photographs – the «Window to Europe» artwork, yachts at the pier, the memorial to the Defenders of the Western Frontiers, the alley with light houses near the Museum of the Light house Service (it opens on July 8), a navigation mark on the spit cutting the Gulf of Finland, breastworks and lots of other interesting places.

To make it more comfortable to visit the fort, it semployees created an interactive map that can be used on any smart phone. If you wish, you can take a free tour on your own taking a walk through the sights of the fort accompanied by Peter I – the audio guide of the Konstantin fort.


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