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St. Petersburg tops the list of cities which tourists return to.


The Russian holiday accommodation booking service Tvil.ru interviewed users of social networks and found out which city they return to over and over again.

The majority of Russians (28.21%) most often come to St. Petersburg. In second place is Sochi, 23.08%. "Bronze" in the rating of the cities most often visited by tourists gets Sevastopol - 19.66%.

According to the survey, tourists also frequently make repeated trips to Kislovodsk (8.55%), Moscow (5.98%), Kazan (5.13%), Kaliningrad (4.27%), Rostov-on-Don (3.42%). Least of all surveyed travelers visit Yekaterinburg (0.85%) and Barnaul (0.85%).

Ten cities that tourists return to:

Saint Petersburg, 28.21%

Sochi, 23.08%

Sevastopol, 19.66%

Kislovodsk, 8.55%

Moscow, 5.98%

Kazan, 5.13%

Kaliningrad, 4.27%

Rostov-on-Don, 3.42%

Yekaterinburg, 0.85%

Barnaul, 0.85%



* According to a social networks survey

Photo: Tvil.ru


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