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Two St. Petersburg museums have reached the top 10 list of the museums of the Russian Arctic


The best museums of the Russian Arctic have been selected by the Museum Infocenter project. St. Petersburg is represented by the Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum and the Krassin Icebreaker.

The Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum is the largest museum in the world, and the only museum in Russia dedicated to both polar regions. The museum’s three main exhibits are dedicated to Arctic nature, the history of exploration and development of the Northern Sea Route, and the nature and exploration of the Antarctic. Visitors can see fragments of the first Arctic vessels, models of nuclear icebreakers, drifting and polar stations, exhibits dedicated to the rescue of the Chelyuskin crew, and the first trans-arctic flight by Valery Chkalov, along with equipment and expedition gear, maps, unique printed editions, and valuable photo documents.  

The Krassin Icebreaker is one of the most famous ships in history and a symbol of the history of Arctic exploration. The icebreaker became famous after the rescue of the crew of Umberto Nobile’s expedition, following the wrecking of the zeppelin “Italia” and the ship “Monte Cervantes” in 1928. Today, the “Krassin” is a branch of the Museum of the World Ocean. Visitors can access the upper deck and the companion cabin, look into the captain’s and the expedition head’s cabins, the chart house and the pilot house. You can also learn about the heroic deeds of the icebreaker crew, and the life and work of the sailors in polar conditions. Themed exhibits and reading evenings are also organized on board the ship.

Check out a full list of the museums of the Russia Arctic on the website of the Museum Infocenter project.
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The Museum Infocenter project is aimed at popularizing, creating competitive content and increasing attendance of Russian regional museums that are included or have the potential to be included in the National Cultural and Educational Museum Routes.
The Museum Infocenter project is being  developed by the TIC Partnership with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo and the Russian Cultural Foundation.


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