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New port opened in Sevkabel Port


The pier will be a stop for four boat tours: "Baltic Cruise", "Port City Cruise", "Sea tour" and "Going into the sunset".

The two-hour grand route "Baltic Cruise" runs around Vasilievsky Island along the Bolshaya and the Malaya Neva and includes access to the Gulf of Finland.

"Port City Cruise" along the Bolshaya Neva will show you spectacular industrial views of the port area of the city. This 1-hour 15-minute route runs from the Sevkabel Port to the Palace embankment with an intermediate stop on the English embankment at the Bronze horseman (the Senate pier).

The novelty of the 2020 season will be the twin routes "Sea tour" and "Going into the sunset" - short one-hour tours to the Gulf of Finland from the Sevkabel Port to the WHSD Bridge (Western High-Speed Diameter Bridge) and back. This offer is for those who need to get out of the promenade of the port into the sea. The special atmospheric tours “Going into the sunset” will be held at the "Golden hour” before sunset if the weather is nice.

In addition, the port will be accessible to those who want to get to the public space by water from the city center and in the opposite direction. For this purpose, transfer tickets connecting the territory with the piers on the English and Palace embankments are sold here.

The pier is open daily. The schedule of the boat tours is updated every day, depending on weather conditions, and it is always available online.

Due to the current epidemiological situation in the city, it is necessary to wear a protective mask and maintain social distancing on board a ship.


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