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15 — 17 MARCH 2013


The contact person — Natalia Alufyorova (the travel company “”).

The mobile phone : +79114011101,,,


The travel company “” will provide you with the visa support free of charge and with the special prices for the visa to Russia, for the flights, for the accommodation, for the transfer, for the excursions, etc.


The identity of the competition — in the division “Super-sport” it is possible to use only one kite for all the winds — THE FLYSURFER KITE — SPEED 15.


The division “Super-sport” — kites Speed 15 (only skiers).

The division “Sport” — any kites of Flysurfer.


The organizer of the competition — Alexey Okhotnikov, the kite-club “OverPower” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), the representative of FLYSURFER kites in Russia,


The general partner — the travel company “” (Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia).




- the kite-club “Ugol Ataki” (Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia), TOKE,;


- the Norwegian Kiting Association;


- the Italian Kiting Association,;


The place — the water area of the Finnish Gulf, the yacht-club “Gerkules”.






The maximum number of the races — 12.


The minimum number of the races — 2.



The age and the sex — general.

The means of movement — boarders and skiers.



Super-sport — kites Speed 15 (only skiers).

Sport — any kites of Flysurfer.


The division “Sport” has the tests of boarders and skiers.


The term of the division: when being registered a participant should tell his or her division.


In the division “Sport” the number, the model and the size of the used kites are not limited (however, there must be only Flysurfer kites).

In the division “Super-sport” it is possible to use only one kite for all the winds — Speed 15.



A trapezium, a triangle, a hook or the combination of these elements.


The programme of the competition:
- 15.03.2013 (Friday) 11.00-13.00 The registration;
- 15.03.2013 (Friday) 13.00 The skipper-meeting;
- 15.03.2013 (Friday) 14.00-17.00 The course-race, maximum 5 races;

- 16.03.2013 (Saturday) 10.00-11.00 The extra registration;
- 16.03.2013 (Saturday) 12.00-17.00 The course-race, maximum 8 races;
 — 17.03.2013 (Sunday) 10.00-11.00 The extra registration;

- 17.03.2013 (Sunday) 12.00 — 15.00 The course-race, maximum 4 races;
- 17.03.2013 (Sunday) 17.00 The awarding.


Here are the video links from the Cup of Flysurfer in St.Petersburg of different years:


- 5 best kiters in the division Super-sport;

- 3 best kiters in the division Sport/skis when 5 or more kiters get registered in the test or take part in races;

- 3 best kiters in the division Sport/snowboard when 5 or more kiters get registered in the test or take part in races.


The rest of the participants are awarded by letters of gratitude.


The place of the registration — the race office. The yacht port “Gerkules” (the place is shown on the google map).

The people who are under 18 years old must show the written consent of the parents to participate in this competition.

The registration fee — 1200 roubles (about 30 euro) is to be paid when being registered.

Besides the registration fee each participant is to give 500 roubles (about 13 euro) as a deposit for a T-shirt with a number. This money will be returned to the participant when the T-shirt is given back.


All the participants must get registered officially and sign “The declaration about the personal responsibility”. Each participant takes part in the competition at his or her own risk.

When participating in the competition each participant must be in a protective helmet.



During the competition each participant must have the insurance for an accident. When being registered it is not necessary to show the insurance.


The contact person for Russian speaking participants  — Alexey Okhotnikov (the kite-club “OverPower”). The mobile phone: +79119662494,,


The contact person for non-Russian speaking participants  — Natalia Alufyorova (the travel company “”). The mobile phone: +79114011101,,,


Welcome to join us in this event both as participants and viewers!


When you have any questions, please feel free to ask us:

Natalia Alufyorova



travel company

tel/fax: +78142 565046

mobile: +79114011101

office mobile: +79114052000

office skype: around.ru_petrozavodsk

personal skype: Aluferova Natalia


Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia


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