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Jul, 17 Wed, 20:13 (UTC+03)


A summit of tourism industry professionals in «Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge»

On September, 20th a summit was held in “Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge”. The subject of the summit was “The preliminary results of 2011 tourist season. Analysis and perspectives of tourism in St.Petersburg in view of the new marketing and strategy projects”. The summit was organized by Tourist-Information Center of St.Petersburg and opened by its general director Nana Gvichia.

The Investment and Strategic Projects Committee Chairman Mr.Chichkanov reported the first results of the “Program of Development of St.Petersburg as a tourism center for 2011-2016 years”. Mr.Chichkanov underlined that well-coordinated realization of the previous program helped augment number of tourists in St.Petersburg in 1,5 times. Today tourist industry provides the city’s economy with 115 billion RUR per year. Nearly a half of the income is provided by foreign tourists. After the statistics of TripAdvisor web-portal St.Petersburg is on the 7th position in the list of 25 most attractive cities of Europe, and the 20th position in the list of most attractive cities of the world.

These results were achieved by consolidation of administrative resources and business, augmentation of safety measures, development of transport and hotel infrastructure and by a complex marketing program promoting the city abroad. A good example of cooperation between administration and business is “Emirates” — one of the largest air companies of the world. “Emirates” has come to St.Petersburg market and is ready to offer new destination points to make the air service between St.Petersburg and countries of the Middle East more comfortable.

The general director of St.Petersburg Tourist-Information Center Mrs. Nana Gvichia noted that despite the traditionally high number of tourists from Finland, USA and Great Britain, there is a stable increase in arrivals from Israel this year. This means that if the tendency does not change, the marketing promoting programes may be corrected to meet new demands of the market.

Mr.Chichkanov has also mentioned the steady development of the hotel infrastructure of the city: 646 hotels are ready to welcome tourists right now, and 8 more hotels will be ready by the end of the year.

The Culture Committee vice-chairman Mr.Platunov talked about the bright cultural life of the Northern Capital: new bright events and festivals are held to attract more guests to St.Petersburg.

The deputy of Legislative Assembly Mr.Chernykh reported about the development of yacht tourism in St.Petersburg. It is a very perspective sector of tourism is not yet enough developed in the city. Its appeal should be granted by high-quality service and affordability.

The director of “Guest Card” project Mr.Shapovalov talked about the project, its realization and perspectives.

Representatives of tourism companies of St.Petersburg were also present at the summit.

The summit was an efficient dialog of professionals of different sectors of tourism industry, that would help solve problems and widen the development perspectives.


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