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Decorative Ironwork Open-Air «THE FORGE OF HAPPINESS 2015»

September 13th, 2015, from 11.00 till 20.00. Saint Petersburg, The Maritime Victory Park (Primorsky Park Pobedy) on Krestovsky Island.

Participants: artistic craftsmen, masters of national crafts and applied art, art workshops, trading and production companies.

Organizers: Guild of Artistic Craftsmen and Masters of Metal Art of St. Petersburg and the North-West region, JSC «Solntse».

About the project: «The Forge of Happiness» will be held in St. Petersburg for the 4th time. This year the organizers unite male, female and family audience of two important events: the International Festival of Decorative Ironwork and the «Indian Summer» Festival. The art open-air is a very beautiful show, full of energy of fire and metal. It’s a perfect place for positive communication, famous for its festive atmosphere of creativity.

In September leaves on the trees in the park turn yellow and red, and float in the ponds, surrounded by autumn flowers. According to the tradition, all guests and participants of the event are offered   to follow the autumn dress code of yellow, orange and red colors. One more trend of the festival is fancy ladies' hats.

The program of «The Forge of Happiness» includes: master classes in decorative ironwork, «The Sea of Happiness» with forged fish, a shipyard with a historical forge, in which everyone can make a special nail for the legendary ship «Poltava», open competitions in forging nails at one heat, a beauty contest among blacksmiths, master- classes in the City of Craftsmen, an ancient ceremony of a wedding in a forge and a concert. The guests of «KovkaBar» will see an original cooking show and also, will taste porridge made of an axe and pies with rivets. «Solntse» company will treat everybody to delicious tea from traditional Russian samovars heated with charcoal. «Solntse» will also hold a contest «Levsha the Craftsman» for those who want to learn how to make a mini- samovar of a thimble and a 10kopeck coin. Ladies will gather for their favorite Forum of Special Female Knowledge and Beauty Skills «Indian Summer».  The Artistic Craftsmen of the «Guild» will create The Bench of Life. This moment will be seen by thousands of spectators. After the festival the bench will be donated to the medical center named after V. A. Almazov on the World Chronic Myeloid Leucosis day, to support the patients.

Visit our open air festival! There you will find numerous interesting activities that appeal to all ages and tastes. The key word for this event is HAPPINESS!  And if you come to see the award ceremony for the winners of the photo contest «Happiness exists!», that  will be held at 17.00 at the main stage, you’ll surely believe that  happiness really exists!

Free admission. 0+
General information partners: TV channel «St. Petersburg and «The Russian Radio».
Guild of Artistic Craftsmen and Masters of Metal Art of St. Petersburg and the North-West region
Ph. 8 (812) 3345514, 8-804-333-4549 (ext. 1) of
JSC «Solntse»
Ph. 8 (812)240-31-61,8-911-221-11-08
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