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For investors

The committee for investments and strategic projects of St.Petersburg conducts a state policy of St.-Petersburg in the investment field, and also in the field of development of tourism, state-private partnership and hotel infrastructure.
Address: 191060 St.Petersburg, Smolnii, 6 entrance
Telephone: (812) 576-69-88
Fax: (812) 576-60-81

The official website of Geoinformation system of the investor of St.Petersburg (common reference system "Development of the territory and property of St. Petersburg")
This System makes it easier for investors to find and identify opportunities for real estate market of Saint-petersburg.

The official website devoted to realisation of the Program of placing of objects of a hotel infrastructure
This web site contains current and most complete information on hotel real estate market of St. Petersburg and operating procedures for the investor at the implementation of the hotel project.