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Tourist helpline


Tourist Information Call Center was created under the direction of Tourism Department in 2007. Tourist Helpline provides free-of-charge information support to visitors of Saint-Petersburg.

The main purpose of this organization is providing the tourists with all the necessary information on Saint-Petersburg and rendering immediate help in case of  of an emergency situation.

Receptionists may consult the tourists in a language suitable for their perception, they also may help in case of emergency . Receptionists may help the tourist to find out how to reserve a table at a local restaurant, book a hotel room, call a taxi. They may also give tourists the latest updates on exchange rates. Receptionists are here to consult you on any question!


"Tourist Helpline" contact center:



The service is provided in English, Russian and German.



Contact Center Services

Contact center staff is ready to provide you with the following information about:

  • addresses, phone numbers and opening hours of organizations in St. Petersburg, including organizations providing tourist, transport and tour services;
  • consular services, as well as on the procedure of issuing visa to enter the Russian Federation;
  • tour routes in St. Petersburg (walking, bus, river, cycle, combined, etc.), contacts of travel agencies providing these services;
  • cultural and entertainment events and other events taking place in St. Petersburg;
  • schedule and route of tour buses City Tour;
  • repertoire of theaters, opening hours of exhibition and concert halls, ticket offices and their location, events held in museums, parks, sports facilities, including children programmes and theme tours;
  • cultural facilities (including opening hours, location, ticket offices, current events) concerning disabled persons;
  • visiting historical places and monuments of St. Petersburg;
  • location of streets, travelling in St. Petersburg;
  • hotel reservations, tickets for domestic and international flights, theater tickets, sports tickets and other cultural and entertainment events booking;
  • transport routes and schedule, prices and tickets (air, rail, river transport);
  • exchange rates, addresses 24\7 currency exchange services and ATMs (depending on tourist`s location);
  • food services in St. Petersburg;
  • local time and time zone difference;
  • necessary subscriber information in form of SMS or Wap Push (movie schedule, brief instruction guides, transport schedules, etc.);
  • weather.

Services of the contact center «Tourist Helpline» include consulting assistance in emergency situations:

  • advisory assistance in emergency situations, including on-call medical assistance, police, communications with the competent authorities (Federal Security Service Directorate of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, the General Directorate Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in St. Petersburg, the Russian Foreign Ministry Delegation in St. Petersburg, consulates and representative offices of foreign countries, customs), as well as providing the subscriber with the conference software in preferred language;
  • consulting tourists in case of illegal acts against tourists (robbery, theft, fraud, extortion);
  • consulting tourists in case of loss of documents;
  • consulting tourists in case of car accidents.